”The future of the Legal Profession” and much more with Therese Järnankar, Norstedts Juridik

Why is Nordic Legal Tech Day important to you?
Even if legal tech has been on the agenda for many years, it is still partly unexplored and has not reached its full potential. This means in my mind that all different parts of the legal industry should and could help out to sparkle new ideas, show success stories (to steal with pride!) and to connect between different actors. Exactly that is what I hope that Nordic Legal Tech Day can give us all! Also: I am really looking forward to the start-up part of the day, so much enthusiasm lies within that hour!

According to Norstedts Juridik’s industry report, The Future of the Legal Profession,  60 % of lawyers in Scandinavia believe that technology will drive the development within the legal industry. What is your view on this?
I agree! But we also need to remember the difficulties organizations can face when implementing new technology. For example, it can be very difficult for employees to understand how to use new technology and the benefits of it at first. Often there is a learning curve that needs to be accounted for. User experience should always be in focus when it comes to developing new technology – a new technology is only as good as the user perceives it to be.

What is on your wish-list for Legal Tech innovation?
What if we took some big leaps within legal tech? We are as a whole either standing still or focusing on minor workflow changes or efficiency problems. What disruption ideas are around the corner?

You are also participating in one of the panels during the day, innovative organizations. What is a good example of innovation in your view?
Organizations that have a high degree of collaboration and a structure that accommodates for that. The company culture should encourage motivated, result-driven and proactive innovators (you still need those local heros!) to run with all of the contributors though-out the organization and across organizations. In a collaborative spirit! And finally – customer involvement. What driving forces are prominent at the customer’s end – and how will that effect the surrounding parts of the ecosystem?

Looking forward to see you at the event! /NLTD crew