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October 12, 2023

Stockholm, Sweden

Nordic Legal Tech Day Stockholm 2022

Staying Ahead of the Changing Legal Industry

Nordic Legal Tech Day in Stockholm is all about the transformation of the legal industry driven by new tech and new customer needs and behaviors, but also  the changing values in the legal community.

It is a forum for the leaders of the legal profession – corporate legal teams, law firms, legal service providers – and legal tech companies to connect, learn, discuss and get inspired.

The interactive agenda is featuring experienced Swedish, Nordic and international speakers – all of them sharing insights, practical knowledge & personal experiences.

We will cover a broad range of topics: AI compliance, blockchain regulation, legal design works shops, building innovative organizations and much more. You will also have the chance to check out the latest legal tech offerings and meet the legal tech start ups that will bring you the technology of tomorrow.

Nordic Legal Tech Day 2022 in Stockholm will take place on October 6, at Posthuset 7A (Vasagatan 28, Stockholm).

The cost to participate is EUR 375 (SEK 4125 (incl VAT)). 


Intro by Ulf Lindén, LegalWorks Nordic
  • Why Lawyers Must Play Video Games
    Professor of Business and Financial Law, the Director of the International Business Law program at Tilburg University in The Netherlands and Senior Legal Counsel at Signify.
  • Norstedts Juridik (Karnov)
  • Ment (Contract Mill)
  • EY Law
  • Maigon
The use of AI systems enhances organizations to make better decisions and improve core business processes. 
At the same time 
(1) it is early days and many keep underestimate the challenges and perseverance needed, creating e.g. PoC-graveyards; 
(2) IT departments are stretched thin as more business operations are digitalized; 
(3) the regulatory landscape is not clear with increased regulatory pressure to identify and mitigate any adverse impact; and 
(4) the information and technology used are already subject to existing laws and regulations (such as GDPR).
If one is to have user-friendly advice and actual guidance, legal input requires deep understanding of the technology and time usually not offered or available.
In this session we will focus on the practical aspects of applying AI in your business, including shared insights on smart organization (such as what different competences to include already from start, decision mandate, project lead and endurance), Do’s and Don’ts and examples of successful and less successful projects.  
In times of uncertainty, we are here to offer some stability. At least for you to handle (much expected) difficulties and pit-falling with grace.
11:15 Intro by Caroline Snellman (LWA) Linda Kinnunen (Apoteket AB)
11:20 AI Legal Framework, Sandra Jona (LWA)
11:25 Case study 1 – ”Alternativ vara” (Substituted Product) Harald Fragner and Ulrika Tjerneld (Systembolaget AB)
11.45 Case study 2 – ”AI-bot för kundtjänst” (AI bot for customer services) Linda Kinnunen (Apoteket AB)
12:00 Panel discussion
with Evelina Anttila (partner/investor Wellstreet), Harald Fragner (Head of IT Strategy, Systembolaget AB), Robert Kuter (Head of Legal Strategy and Operations, Ericsson AB), moderated by Linda Kinnunen (Product Manager Automation & Analytics, Apoteket AB). 
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Panel with Lisa Lindström, founder of Doberman, Victoria Thore, CEO Familjens Jurist and Therese Järnankar, Norstedts Juridik. The panel is moderated by Anna Byström, EY Law
  • Netdocuments
  • Henchman
  • Mercator by Citco
  • Thomson Reuters
  1. The beginners guide to the Metaverse – Maria Lindström (Hillbert Group), Leopold Baranowska (Writer, Film-maker, Designer / Associate Professor Gestalt Uppsala University) Per Elof Nilsson Ricklund (Artist / Alumni and Teacher the Florence Academy of Art)
  2. Time to regulate block chain and digital assets? – Åke André (founder Crypto Rogue Games), Alexandra Andhov (assoc. professor Copenhagen University), Michal Gromek (Co-chair of the Digital Asset Task Force from the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime) and Ebba Theding (CFO Chromaway)
  3. Legal design workshop – Antti Innanen (founder Dot.Legal Design) and Rojda Tosun (Legal Innovation Consultant & Lawyer)
  4. Digitalisation strategy for Law Firms and Legal Departments – Per Defalva (Digital Engine), Stefan Kim (PSA Consulting), Troels Nørgaard (Wolters Kluwer), Elisabet Dahlman Löfgren (Mannheimer Swartling), Kaden Smith (NetDocuments) and Robert Kuter (Ericsson AB). Moderated by Leif Frykman, LegalWorks
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Join us for a start-up pitching contest with Stockholm Legal Hackers.
  • Goodfeed
  • Ebie
  • iPractitioner
  • Juristic
  • Syndata
Moderated by Malin Männikkö (Stockholm Legal Hackers)


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Erik Vermeulen

Keynote speaker
Professor of Business and Financial Law and the Director of the International Business Law program at Tilburg University in The Netherlands

Victoria Thore

Familjens jurist

Åke André

Crypto Rogue Games

Linda Kinnunen

Apoteket AB

Caroline Snellman

CEO LW Advisory

Sandra Jona

Business lawyer
LW Advisory

Antti Innanen


Malin Männikö

Organizer Stockholm Legal Hackers

Evelina Antilla

Partner/VC Investor
Co-founder Justic

Boel Breland

VP Group Legal Services
Alfa Laval

Magnus Sundqvist

Maigon AB

Ebba Theding


alexandra andhov

Associate Professor in corporate law and technology. 
Senior Counsel at Dealflow

Leif Frykman

LegalWorks Nordic AB

anna byström

Partner, EY Law

Therese Järnankar

Director of Business Development & Products
Norstedts Juridik

Maria. AJ. Lindström

Sales & Marketing (IR) Manager

Ulf Lindén

LegalWorks Nordic AB

Michal Gromek

Co-chair, Digital Asset Task Force
The Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime 

Lisa Lindström

Chief Experience Officer EMEIA & CEO
Doberman Nordics at EY

Kaden Smith

Sales Director EMEA

Ulrika Tjerneld

IT manager, Information & Analytics
Systembolaget AB

Harald Fragner

IT Strategy
Systembolaget AB

robert kuter

Head of Legal Strategy & Operations

Kaden Smith

Sales Director EMEA

Ulrika Tjerneld

IT manager, Information & Analytics
Systembolaget AB

Harald Fragner

Head of IT Strategy
Systembolaget AB

Chris Butler

Head of Operations
Mercator® by Citco


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Posthuset 7A, Vasagatan 28, 111 20 Stockholm