Mercator® by Citco is coming to town!

Why is Nordic Legal Tech Day important to you?
NLTD is important for Mercator® by Citco (Mercator) for a number of reasons. First and foremost, our service delivery model is becoming more and more based on our in-house technology platform Entica™. An opportunity to demonstrate our technology is obviously important, but so is the possibility to have peer-to-peer discussions with users and other providers of legal tech. We are also delighted to have the opportunity this conference gives us to be in Stockholm and meet our existing and hopefully future partners and clients in Sweden and the wider Nordic region.  Sweden is the home of a large number of multinational corporations with global reach, which is exactly the type of organisation our service offering is designed for.


Mercator specializes in Entity Portfolio Management. In what ways has legal tech helped advance the discipline?
Legal tech is in the process of revolutionising Entity Portfolio Management (EPM). It started when corporations understood that storing and tracking large amounts of statutory and management data about their subsidiaries on locally hosted spreadsheet was risky and inconvenient. Use of so called legal entity management systems began and was highly accelerated by remote connectivity when working from home during the pandemic. Once the static data was well structured online, the natural next step is to do the same for the workflows – the dynamic, time sensitive and ever changing data. In our case, Mercator sees this as the next step and have pioneered a task-based system with ever-increasing levels of functionality that both we and our clients rely on.  And this trend is only going to accelerate.


What is on your wish-list as for legal tech innovation? Dream big!
To set our people free! By this I mean to reach the stage that our professional staff become “knowledge guardians” who are overseeing a highly automated process rather than the drafters of often repetitive documentation that they tend to be today.


Thank you for your time and we look forward meeting you at the event! /NLTD crew

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