Meet Stefan Kim (PSA Consulting) one of our Nordic Sponsors at NLTD Stockholm 2023

  1. Welcome back to NLTD! What do you look forward to this year?

PSA: We are really looking forward to the opportunity to meet, discuss and share ideas with other legal tech enthusiasts from all parts of the dynamic legal tech community.


  1. What specific areas of expertise does PSA focus on?

PSA: We are a Nordic legal tech expert firm and help our clients with their digital transformation with the help of connected solutions and services that are purpose-built for law firms and in-house legal teams. We work both with selected leading legal tech solutions and our own Custodian platform (cloud-based integration platform boosted with cloud apps, e.g. Custodian Client Onboarding for automated and compliant client and matter intake).


  1. Have you and your clients been affected by the new generative AI tools? If so, how?

PSA: Absolutely. Generative AI is obviously ‘all the rage’ now. We are working on launching our own Custodian AI app in collaboration with a number of leading Nordic law firms, and we also have several partners who have implemented smart capabilities in their legal tech solutions based on generative AI.


  1. Are there any particular trends you are currently monitoring or advising your clients on in the fast-changing tech landscape?

PSA: We have always emphasised the importance of having a connected and composable digital platform that can be complemented and augmented with value-adding legal tech applications and data intelligence services. We do of course have a lot of conversations at the moment that relate to generative AI, but we also have a lot of conversations and engagements that relate to using applications and services in other areas of AI/Machine Learning.


  1. Innovations or changes you would like to see in the legal market the coming years? – Dream big!

PSA: For a long time now in the legal industry, experts have talked about more disruptive change being ‘just around the corner’. There are obviously a number of trailblazers in the industry who are trying to change the way legal services are priced, and designed, produced, delivered and consumed by clients, but it would be exciting to see that accelerate even more in the coming years. That could also mean that more law firms would launch more holistic initiatives where firm strategy, service design and technology all played equal parts. Too much time and effort today is spent on getting faster horses, and too little on building electric vehicles and starships.


Thank you so much for your time Stefan and PSA Consulting. See you in October!
// NLTD crew


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