Start-up company “Ebie” are also joining the pitch contest at Nordic Legal Tech Day

Describe your business idea in one sentence – What problem do you solve? 
We decrease the barriers for commercial renters by replacing an expensive deposit with a low-cost insurance.

Starting a business is not always a smooth road ahead – Do you have a fun/challenging/odd memory from developing your business that you would like to share?
We’ve made a few pivots along the way. Long story short, the initial plan was to launch a solution for the residential market in Berlin. Instead, the actual go-to market was commercial real estate in Stockholm.

If you can predict the future of legal tech – what do you think is the next big trend?
More accessible legal services, like Lawyer-in-your-pocket and on-site consultations, enabled by technology.

What do you look forward to at Nordic Legal Tech Day?
We love to talk about insurance law and look forward to an event where that’s not odd.

–  We are delighted you are joining the event. Good luck and see you in October!

NLTD crew