Henchman joins NLTD Stockholm as Tech Sponsor

Tell us how it all started?
The idea for Henchman was born out of a real-life frustration. During the acquisition of their previous company, our founders noticed that legal professionals lose a lot of valuable time to repetitive and tedious work. What bothered them most was the time that was wasted on looking up clauses that the lawyers knew existed somewhere in the company’s database. Clauses that had carefully been drafted before and that should increase the law firm’s efficiency, resulted in a loss of time. Time that should be used by lawyers to create value for their clients by sharing experience and knowledge.That is why Henchman enables legal professionals to draft and negotiate complex and bespoke contracts faster. Our enablement software automatically retrieves and suggests previously written clauses from the company’s contract repository within Microsoft Word.

How has the response been to your product?
The response to our solution has been overwhelmingly positive. Legal teams are blown away by the ease of implementation and use. We often ask our customers for feedback. The key question we then ask them is: ‘How disappointed would you be if you couldn’t use Henchman anymore?’. The majority of users would never want to go back to the old way of drafting.

What challenges have you had along the road?
Although the idea for Henchman is rather simple, the technical side is very complex. For Henchman to be relevant, the tool has to be able to connect to all different types of databases from where it must be able to process millions of clauses. Together with legal advisors, customers who gave on-point feedback and a great engineering team, we have built an unmatched product that does precisely what it promises.

This is Henchman’s first time attending Nordic Legal Tech Day. What are your hopes?We want to meet and connect with forward-thinking legal teams and law firms. We hope to get to know the Nordic market better and understand its challenges.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?
By 2026 we want Henchman to enable 10,000 lawyers to draft and negotiate faster.

We are delighted to have you as a Tech Sponsor. See you in October!

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