December 7 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Nordic Legal Tech Day

Copenhagen, Denmark

In 2020, the Nordic countries joined forces in creating Nordic Legal Tech Day. With four separate events in four cities (Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo), but one common strategy and groundwork, the next Nordic Legal Tech Day(s) will be bigger and better than ever.

Legal Tech - New Tools & New Services

Nordic Legal Tech Day in Copenhagen is a forum for corporate legal teams, legal service providers and legal tech companies to meet and share experiences and get updated on the development of legal tech, tools and practices - thus the new ways of working in the legal profession. The interactive agenda is featuring experienced international and Nordic speakers - case presentations on practical experiences & tech presentations on tools.

Danish Legal Tech Award

The Danish Legal Tech Award is awarded annually at the Nordic Legal Tech Day in Copenhagen to acknowlegde, celebrate and increase awareness of successful innovation. The award committee members are the Association of Danish Law Firmsm the Danish Corporate Counsel Association, the Danish ICT Industry Association and Experticon. The winner of 2020 was CLA by Penneo - a legal tech company successfully focusing on AML.


The AGENDA of 2020 focused on:

News & Trends
The Role of the General Counsel & the Digital Transformation of Legal Departments
The Future of Legal Services
The Evolution of the Legal Tech Market

Speakers of 2020

- speakers of 2021 are underway!
Torsten Bjørn Larsen - NLTD
Torsten Bjørn Larsen
Intellectual Property Law
Southern University of Denmark
Douwe Groenenvelt - NLTD
Douwe Groenevelt
Deputy General Counsel
Torsten Torpe NLTD
Torsten Torpe
Head of Legal Tech Innovation
Fozia Jabbar - NLTD
Fozia Jabbar
Legal Director
Microsoft Denmark
Karnov Group, medarbejdere og advisory board.
Jonathan Minzari
Head of Corporate Strategy and M&A
Karnov Group
Jon Iversen - NLTD
Jon Iversen
Vice President & General Counsel

Magnus Sundqvist NLTD
Magnus Sundqvist
Head of Digital Services & CEO
Synch & Maigon AB
Pia Ullum NLTD
Pia Ullum
Legal Vice President
Maurits Annegarn NLTD
Maurits Annegarn
Segment Manager Legal Software
Wolters Kluwer
Anders Permeus - NLTD
Anders Perméus
Bo Pyskow NLTD
Bo Pyskow
CEO & Co-Founder
Sixtus Compliance
Jens Grønkjær Sjølander Pihl NLTD
Jens Grønkjær Sjølander Pihl
Senior Associate
Frederik Ploug Sarp NLTD
Frederik Ploug Sarp
Legal Managed Services Leader
EY Law
Leonard van Rompaey NLTD
Léonard Van Rompaey
PhD, Industrial Postdoctoral Researcher
Centre for Private Governance (KU Law)
Victoria Swedjemark NLTD
Victoria Swedjemark
Bjørn Borre NLTD
Bjørn Borre
The Danish ICT Industry Association
Morten Hald Mortensen NLTD
Morten Hald Mortensen
Henrik Duedahl Høyer - NLTD
Henrik Duedahl Høyer

Nordic Sponsors

The Karnov mission is to be an indispensable partner for all legal, tax and accounting professionals. With a broad offering of online and offline information and workflow solutions Karnov delivers value to our customers based on a solid understanding of the complexity of their businesses. With strong brands in Denmark and Sweden, developed over 150 years, we support more than 60,000 users with in-depth knowledge delivered by our 1,500 specialists.


With 3,500 professionals in 80+ jurisdictions, EY Law offers broad global coverage for legal matters. EY lawyers provide legal services to multinational corporations - helping harness the power of technology and innovation to better address the challenges they face and deliver the value and outcomes they seek. Services include: Legal Function Consulting, Contract Lifecycle Management, Research & Regulatory Mapping, Entity Compliance & Governance, Document Review & Functional Analysis and Legal Advisory.


Improving contracting with one user-friendly platform for all your contract needs. Precisely is a Gothenburg-based SaaS company that wants to unswamp the legal department by minimizing manual labour. They let teams create and manage compliant contracts and, by automating the contract workflow, enable everyone handling contracts to be more self-sufficient - while keeping them within the legal departments pre-set guidelines. Precisely customers are companies that handle large volumes of contracts, in need of one single source of truth.


Local Sponsors of 2020

Wolters Kluwer is the main sponsor of Nordic Legal Tech Day 2020 in Copenhagen.


Nordic Legal Tech Day in Copenhagen is taking place in close cooperation with AdvokatWatch & ITWatch

Nordic Legal Tech Day in Copenhagen is taking place in cooperation with The Association of Danish Law Firms & The Danish ICT Industry Association