May 5 2021

Helsinki, Finland

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Nordic Legal Tech Day 2021

Helsinki, Finland

In 2020, the Nordic countries are for the first time joining forces in creating the next edition of Nordic Legal Tech Day. With four separate events in four cities in 2020 & 2021 (Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm), but one common strategy and groundwork, the next Nordic Legal Tech Day(s) will be bigger and better than ever.

Digitalization & Development of the Legal Industry

Nordic Legal Tech Day in Helsinki is about the accelerating development of legal tech tools which is enabling new services and new ways of working in the legal profession.

It is a forum for the leaders of the legal industry - corporate legal teams, legal service providers and legal tech companies to learn, share, network, get inspired and get updated on the development of legal tech, tools and practices.

The interactive agenda is featuring experienced international and Nordic speakers - you will get insights, practical on the ground knowledge and future trends and developments.


Richard Tromans - NLTD
Richard Tromans
Artificial Lawyer & Tromans Consulting
Sami Takila - NLTD
Sami Takila
General Counsel
Christian Swartling - NLTD
Christian Swartling
Senior VP Legal Services
Stora Enso
Niko Jakobsson - NLTD
Niko Jakobsson
General Counsel & Development Director
Erik Vermeulen - NLTD
Erik Vermeulen
Senior Legal Counsel & Professor of Business & Financial Law
Signify & Tilburg University
Anders Permeus - NLTD
Anders Permeus
CEO & Co-Founder
Merja Karhapää - NLTD
Merja Karhapää
Chief Legal Officer & Company Secretary
Sanoma Corporation
Kvinde - NLTD
Leena Hellfors
Bridget Lipman - NLTD
Bridget Lipman
Project Manager - Global Legal & Patents
Novo Nordisk
Andrea Miskolczi - NLTD
Andrea Miskolczi
Former Chief Innovation & Business Development Officer
Wolf Theiss
Mikko-Pekka Hanski - NLTD
Mikko-Pekka Hanski
Head of Studio
Heikki Ilvessalo - NLTD
Heikki Ilvessalo
Ilves Solutions
Jorma Vartia - NLTD
Jorma Vartia

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